Did you ever see the Intro 1995 from 2GooD Productions?


Screen shot

Screen shot

Demo message

2good productions are *proud* to show you this program


mode x 320*240, 2 pages, 256 colors
four plane star scroller
bouncing object with real-time rotation
a text scroller as you can see
four channel mod playing in the background

programming done by:


nothing done by:

the other members of 2good

thanks to:

soeren holsebroe (seap) who wrote the original rotation routine
matt pritchard for the nice mode x routines
mark j cox for the mod player
dreaden of vla for the font
mother for the food, but it was cold when i had time to eat it :)
those bullentin board systems who has nice programming stuff

greetings to:

j.a.e. - for giving me nice stuff and who taught me some asm once
o.f. - because he let me lend his brother's modem

end of text! but it will soon restart...

not yet...

almost now...

here we go: