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Personal web projects

(PHP, Ruby on Rails)

Swedish web site about energy drinks

(PHP, Ruby on Rails)

Web site for collecting colloquial Swedish words and expressions

Open source project memberships

Project manager


(C, 2001-)

Connect Windows CE devices to Linux/*BSD/etc.
Flight of the Amazon Queen engine co-developer


(C++, 2003)

Virtual machine for classic adventure games

Old personal projects

If I would remake any of this applications today, they would be much better. If I couldn't make them any better, I would not have improved my skills or gained any experience since I wrote these programs.



(C++, 2002)

A decompiler plugin for Interactive Disassembler Pro.


(gcc/g++, 2001-2002)

An extension to PHP that enables access to CORBA servers using MICO.

IDA Pro add-ons


Add-ons to Interactive Disassembler Pro.


(gcc, 2001)

An extension to PHP that enables access to CORBA servers using ORBit. Replaced by Universe.


(MS Visual C++, 2000)

A wrapper to run SETI@home as a Windows NT service


(MS Visual C++, 1998)

An emulator for Texas Instruments calculator models TI-82 and TI-83.

Cable device driver

(MS Visual C++, 1998)

A device driver (VxD) to replace a TI GraphLink cable with an inexpensive home-made cable.

ICECream and MeltICE

(MS Visual C++, 1997)

Functions to detect the SoftICE debugger.


(MS Visual C++, 1996)

A file upload software for GeoCities.

TI-83 assembler programs

(Z80 assembler, 1996)

Example programs made in Z80 assembler for the TI-83 calculator.


(Visual Basic, 1996)

Web site management software with Microsoft Word as web page editor.

K.O.R.T. Save game editor

(QuickC, 1995)

Save game editor for the game King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table.

Intro '95

(QuickC, 1995)

Features: Mode X /img/oldProjects, star scroller, bouncing & rotating object, text scroller.

Diamanttjuvar i farten

(QuickBasic, 1992)

A text-mode computer game. For nostalgic purposes only.