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Söka EU-bidrag...


Jag var på väg att ansöka om EU-bidrag till ett projekt, men när jag kom till den här punkten så fick jag ge upp...

The applicant must provide evidence that it has produced or developed a previous Video Game that is eligible under the terms described in Section 6.2 and that has been commercially distributed during the two calendar years preceding the publication of the Call for Proposals (i.e. between 01/01/2013 and the date of application).

Concerning the production of a previous video game the applicant must prove that it has produced and/or developed an eligible video game as described under section 6.2. Having been sub-contracted to develop and/or produce a previous eligible video game is not considered as a track record. Personal credits cannot be considered as track records too.

To prove the commercial distribution of a previous eligible video game, the applicant must provide a relevant sales report over the reference period.